Now UK readers can enjoy Total 911 on the iPad

The Apple iPad is now officially on sale in the UK and other countries, in addition to the USA.

And that’s great news, especially as the Total 911 app allows you to enjoy your favourite magazine on the iPad. This is ideal for travelling, as you have access to any number of issues without having to physically carry them with you, and you can zoom in on articles and share them with friends.

Total 911 iPad Edition will never replace the print magazine but it complements it perfectly. We’ve been using it for some time now and we’re well and truly hooked. We know you will be too!

Comments (2)

  • Quaid

    How about a direct link to the app guys?

  • Stewart Johnston

    This worked reasonably well on my iPhone when it became available a few weeks ago, though I was keen to use it on the iPad with its bigger screen, when it was released in the UK. What a disappointment! I downloaded the latest edition to read on my new iPad last weekend and the Pixelmags app didn’t cope at all. I had several complete crashes, inactive windows opening on top of the active one, refusal of the menu screen to go away, and finally the onscreen keyboard appearing in widescreen while the blank email form, on which I was trying to type a query, was in portrait mod, obscured, behind it! I raised the matter on Pixelmags’ user forum, and had no response other than the issue being marked “resolved”! A separate email to Pixelmags last Sunday has likewise been ignored, so I’ve wasted £2.99 downloading a magazine that I can’t read. Needless to say I won’t make the same mistake again. Total 911 need to have a word with Pixelmags about their customer service if nothing else.