Next-gen Porsche Panamera still 911’s frumpy four-seat cousin

You may be more accustomed to our exclusive spy shots of 911 Turbos and next-gen 991s but, here at Total 911 we get to see a lot of the latest Porsches before anyone else thanks to our European-based spy photographers.

This means that this morning, when we opened our email inbox, these spy photos of the next generation Porsche Panamera were sat waiting for us.

Porsche Panamera 6

Normally, we wouldn’t be interested (after all, it’s not a Porsche 911) but for those who like frumpy four-seaters from Zuffenhausen, the Panamera is the car for you – even if it does sometimes looks like a stretched version of our beloved sports car.

The new Panamera looks set to take a few more styling cues from the Porsche 911, especially around the rear end where the bumper treatment looks especially familiar, as do the camoflauged rear lights.

Porsche Panamera 16

At the front end, the lights and bonnet (hiding either the newly-developed V6 or V8 engines) look more reminiscent of the latest Macan and Cayenne SUV models, with possibly a hint of 991 around the air intakes.

Still, despite the best efforts of Zuffenhausen’s styling team, we can’t help but think (from it’s side-on profile) the Porsche Panamera still looks overly long and frumpy, as if a 911 has been stretched to its limits in the quest for an extra set of doors.

What do you think of the new Panamera? Does the frumpy four-seater lessen the Porsche brand? Or are you happy as long as the 911 is still produced? Get involved in the comments below, or via Facebook and Twitter.

Porsche Panamera 13

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