New Porsche 991.2 Turbo revealed: Turbo hits 200

For even the most diehard Zuffenhausen enthusiast, it is perhaps startling to be reminded that in 53 years of Porsche 911 evolution, only 1,742 road-going 911s out of nearly one million examples have ever left the factory with the capability of surpassing more than 200mph.

That small number consisted exclusively of the 997 GT2 and GT2 RS, capable of 204mph and 205mph respectively. However, the wait for a 911 unlimited by its production numbers (relatively speaking) to join the ‘200 club’ is now over, thanks to the arrival of the second-generation 991 Turbo.

The acclaim of surpassing that magical double-ton, so symbolic for years as the mark of a truly thoroughbred supercar, does not fall to the 991.2 Turbo itself (which ‘only’ reaches a maximum velocity of 199mph) but instead to its more powerful and lavishly-specced brethren, the 991.2 Turbo S.

991.2 Turbo S rear

In fact, the Turbo S doesn’t stop at 200mph, with Porsche – famed for its conservatism when disclosing performance figures – announcing it tops out at 205mph, equalling the fastest ever road-going 911 of all time: the 997 GT2 RS.

Of course, speculators outside of the esoteric world of Porsche 911s questioned what would become of Zuffenhausen’s iconic Turbo after the new, second generation 991 Carreras adopted turbocharging for 2016.

However, the Turbo’s place in a 911 model lineup was never in question (it is the apple of Porsche’s eye after all) and August Achleitner, Vice President of the 911 production line, was quick to confirm even at the Carrera’s launch that the Gen2 991 Turbo will appear with an improved version of the Gen1’s 9A1 DFI engine, as opposed to a heavily boosted version of the new Carrera’s 9A2 unit. Once again, Achleitner’s words have rang true.

991 Turbo S interior

Much like the rest of the second-generation 991 lineup, Zuffenhausen has wasted little time in offering customers much variety, releasing not two but four new Turbo variants, those being the aforementioned Turbo and Turbo S in both Coupe and Cabriolet form.

And, while at face value prospective customers may view the 20hp increase for the Turbo and Turbo S over its predecessors as a somewhat paltry return on a €12,000 and €7,000 price increase respectively, digging a little deeper reveals some thrilling figures attached to the new Turbo – outside of that maximum speed – making it the most breath-taking of its kind to date.

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911 Turbo S and 911 Turbo S Cabriolet

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