New Porsche 964 bushing kit from Elephant Racing

Porsche 964 bushing kit Elephant Racing
Porsche 964 owners can now save money by replacing only the spring plates bushes, thanks to Elephant Racing.

There is a growing number of Porsche 964s suffering from spring plate bushing failure. Until now, the only way of repairing the problem was to purchase a new set of spring plates.

However, Elephant Racing (the Santa Clara, CA-based suspension gurus) have now developed a replacement Porsche 964 spring plate bushing kit, allowing 964 owners to retain the original plates, reducing the cost of repair.

According to Elephant Racing’s president, Chuck Moreland, “Customers kept asking us for a way to replace the bushings without having to buy new spring plates”.

Porsche 964 spring plates Elephant Racing
Elephant Racing’s new bushing kit allows Porsche 964 owners to retain the original spring plates.

In order to satisfy the new demand, Elephant Racing went about developing a spring plate bushing kit for the Porsche 964 – the first major reworking of the 911 platform when it was released in 1989.

The design of the replacement parts is based on the factory’s original Porsche 964 bushings. However, the elastomeric layer of the bushing is slightly harder, reducing deflection while still maintaining similar noise and vibration insulation.

The monoball cartridge used to envelope the elastomeric layer features a maintenance-free, weather-sealed design.

To find out more about this new, money-saving Porsche 964 bushing kit, visit Elephant Racing’s website.

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