New Porsche 911 badging – good or bad?

We spotted a 997 Cabriolet today with a ‘911’ badge sitting atop the usual ‘Carrera’ rear badge.

This got us thinking about the new Porsche 911’s rear end which boasts a ‘Porsche’ badge ‘Carrera’ or ‘Carrera S’ badge plus a ‘911’ one. Gosh, surely all that lettering must add weight to the rear end!

A lot of people have criticised the amount of badging and we suspect many buyers will opt for the no-cost debadge option which removes ‘911 Carrera’ but leaves the ‘Porsche’ – you’re stuck with that whether you like it or not.

Conversely, we wonder if owners of older 911s will start to add monikers to the rears of their Porsches in an attempt to emulate the new model.

But is the 991’s badging really that bad? What do you think?

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