New Porsche 911 badging – good or bad?

We spotted a 997 Cabriolet today with a ‘911’ badge sitting atop the usual ‘Carrera’ rear badge.

This got us thinking about the new Porsche 911’s rear end which boasts a ‘Porsche’ badge ‘Carrera’ or ‘Carrera S’ badge plus a ‘911’ one. Gosh, surely all that lettering must add weight to the rear end!

A lot of people have criticised the amount of badging and we suspect many buyers will opt for the no-cost debadge option which removes ‘911 Carrera’ but leaves the ‘Porsche’ – you’re stuck with that whether you like it or not.

Conversely, we wonder if owners of older 911s will start to add monikers to the rears of their Porsches in an attempt to emulate the new model.

But is the 991’s badging really that bad? What do you think?

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  • Mardy Juwono

    I honestly think is ugly! too redundancy. Should make it simpler..

  • F M

    Personally I don’t like it, same as I didn’t like it when it first showed up on Panameras and Cayennes. It’s even more absurd on a 911, which can be recognized at first sight by anyone who knows even the least bit about cars.. I’d leave these over-badging practices to lesser known vehicles of lesser known brands.

  • Gal


  • Joseph

    I like it a lot. It’s reminiscent of my 1968 911T. Porsche has always been about combine new innovations with classic style, why should they stop here?

  • Porsche

    I think they need to remind us this time that “hey, dont get confused – this is from Porsche – not from Audi…”

    997 didnt need the badge as it clearly looks like a 911 Porsche. But 991……

  • Lytle

    Prefer either: (1) Carrera or (2) Carrera S

  • Steve Melb OZ

    Im nervous that Porsche are dumbing down their model range for the uneducated drivers who may come into money. Very much the same as Merc whom have 76 variants in their model range (Aust). Merc seem to be a big catchers mitt for people who dont know cars but come into money. It may be VW want to make the brand more ‘accessable’ to the uneducated. Not good.

  • James

    How can you complain about badging on a car brought to you by the people who write the word Carrera so big down the side you have to swing your head to read it. The car is a Porsche 911 Carrera and that all the badging says.

  • Graham Munro

    Every one to his own, I suspect you can order de badged.

  • A Lazarus

    I really like the look of the new car, and Porsche manages to keep all the great bits about the 911 and just add that modern twist.

    But yes get rid of all the badging a 911 is a 911 dont need all that. just the Carrera and Carrera s badging

  • Mauricio

    This first appeared on the Panamera and since you can order yours with the badging delete, there is really no discussion, to each his own. Frankly, the really disturbing styling cues I see the new 911 are the fact that it looks too much like a two-door Panamera. They are trying too hard to make the costumers like their (at least to me) not-beautiful four door saloon at the styling sacrifice of the 911 and this will not be unnoticed by the 911 fans. The Panamera should look like a 911, not the other way around.

  • George

    If anything, I think the Carrera badge is to small and the original 911’s always had a badge “911” sometimes even in gold (see early 911S’). By the way if you don’t like it just order it without the badges………

  • C D Smith

    I plan on ordering a new 991 as soon as they are available and I will definitely have the 991 and Carrera S on the back of it.

  • RS Only

    I’m Totally Against the “Porsche” badging on the trunk… I would stick with Carrera, S Targa….
    Porsche want to go back to their roots: Mid Sixties when the Porsche and the 911 was new ??? and people were discovering the 911?
    Everybody Knows what a 911 Looks like after nearly 50years (if they don’t know that the 911 is “The Porsche” (Emerging Markets: China… new money)They don’t deserve a 911.) China discovered the Porsche Brand thru the Panamera !!!!.

  • Fahad Alnouri

    For the last four decades, a 911 with a glimpse is recognised by anybody at anytime . So, I don’t know as to why Porsche now sticks ( 911 ) at the back of this icons. Or is it VW doing this?!

  • william suite

    Already not a fan of the recent in your face GT3 graphics, i find the 991 badging unnecessary, and almost an insult. Stand alone Carrera model designations or just ” Porsche” is expected, but not this level of redundancy.

  • Nick Fitch

    I think it is overkill as is the car, but to force owners to keep the Porsche logo (I presume you mean the rear one) is yet another example of how the company needs to remind people what they are seeing, because it now looks like so many other mid size sports cars. A model designation is all that’s required (or not) and it’s up to the owner surely. This 911 is for people who don’t know 911’s and they will ba a common sight in London before too long. Every wheel kerbed by the platinum blonde who parked it outside her hairdressers. I won’t be buying a 911 again. There are cars still fulfilling the purity that Porshce have just pissed into a homogenised bucket and I’ll have a go at one of those.

  • Martin

    The beautiful thing about 911 road cars is that to a certain extent they are understated, there not loud n proud supercars demanding attention, yet everybody knows what they are and what they are capable of. Subtlety is what makes 911 such a popular everyday car, thats why i love mine, and all the badges on the new 991 to me isn’t the 911 way.

  • Jose

    I know why Porsche is doing this: because they are going to introduce 50 different variants on this platform to try and make lots of money. They need the more designations to identify them all!

  • Ashley

    I took the badges off my Boxster S, 996 and 997 C2S and I’ll be taking the badges off my 991 when/if I get one.

  • I like it. It’s easily identifiable and a little retro like back to the early 911’s.

  • Jorge

    I think the 991 badging looks a little tacky. I prefer the badging on the 997.

  • Ohm

    I think Porsche has done a good job on the 991 overall. It does look like a new car and at the same time it is clearly a 911. Same goes for the badging. It looks diffrent and new (a 991) but remains classic (911 identity and heritage). We love our Carrera GTS and its badging but also like the retro-mordern look of the 991 – well done, Porsche.

  • David

    lovin’ it.

  • Drue

    Not bothered by it. The customer has personal preference & it is he or she that should be given the option. I would prefer without as (no nooks & crannies to clean) the brand is iconic enough, the only sports/supercar I know with its engine in the back.

  • Tokyo Joe

    Pro’s – cannot thing of any except to create differentiation for a new generation of buyers…

    Cons – looks too busy on the back for my liking

    Wouldn’t say no to owning one though!

  • Steve

    To much badging isn’t the issue with this car. It looks like a Cayenne/Panamera/911. It’s a real frankenstein to be honest. I love my 911 and Cayman. I am a Porsche fan, but I honestly think the Cayenne, Panamera and the new 911 are somewhat hideous. Too much influence by another group?

  • Torgut

    Like the new PORSCHE badging. Hints at the rear reflectors of the old 930s.

  • Torgut

    I’m also glad that they’ve given attention to line up the 911 Carerra badge with the botom of the tail lights!

  • Torgut

    Sorry, Carrera…..derrr!

  • Larry Cable

    While I appreciate the “history” associated with the “old” Porsche font now used on the Panamera and the 991 I personally prefer the “modern” font … I also think that “Porsche” and “911” are a bit redundant and make the back end a bit too “busy” …

    I’m also not sure that the old font really “matches” the sleek new styling ….

    but at the end of the day, its all subjective …

    and while I am at it … is it just me or does the back of the new 991 look a bit like an Aston Martin?

  • Larry Cable

    BTW +1 to the observation that this car looks like a 2-door Panamera, I wonder what will happen when/if an actual 2-door Pana makes an appearance?

    I still have to see one of these cars in the flesh (weekend after next at the Rennsport Reunion @ Laguna Seca) I will make my mind up then if I love/hate it … not loving it so far …

  • Steve

    New badging is overdone.
    Where Porsche is concerned, less has always been more…

  • Steve

    The car should be called the Panamera Coupe

  • Jose

    I don’t like it. Reminds me of the panamera. Everyone should know this is a Porsche. I love it went it just says “911”

  • 911sc

    if you squint it looks like the rear of a chrysler crossfire, thats not good!

  • Torgut

    As a sidebar, I’ve always had affection for car designers that have had to carve out large chunks in their design to accommodate numberplates. Yes, numberplates are a necessary evil across the globe but too much consideration is given to accommodate a large piece of plastic.
    With levels of digital technology we now enjoy, the day when the numberplate becomes obsolete cannot be too far away.
    Alfa Romeo, for example, have shunned the placement of numberplates on the front of their cars for years in order to allow their design philosophy to be unhindered. Some may say that the placement of the numberplate to the side of the front bumper on their cars is an afterthought. I believe otherwise.

    Come on car world, electronic numberplates please.