New issue out now with 997 Turbo full test

T911_055The latest issue of Total 911 is out now in UK shops and online. And, as ever, there’s plenty to excite you, including:

997 Turbo – first full test on road and track
A new 911 Turbo is always big news, which is why we’ve ensured that we’re the first Porsche magazine to feature it – and in much more detail, with a full 11-page report.
The Turbo is put through its paces on the road and track, we talk to the people who developed it, and drill down into the new technology that makes the 911 Turbo push the performance envelope to new heights.  It’s astonishing and you can read about it first in Total 911.

The ultimate retro 911
Rock singer Rob Dickinson wanted to create his dream car with the Singer 911. A stunning mix of retro looks and modern technology, it is quite simply one of the best-looking 911s we’ve seen for a long time. Read our exclusive interview with Rob and discover the secrets behind the Singer.

The forgotten Turbo beater
Most people think the 965 is the 964 Turbo but they’re wrong. The code was, in fact, given to a forgotten project from the 1980s which was to replace the original 911 Turbo.
It wasn’t to be, though. Find out why in Total 911.

Classic road test – 996
845bhp Sportec 997 Turbo
Complete guide to the 964
996 Carrera 4S
Porsche iPhone apps

And much more!

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