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  • Tarek Salah Tarek307

    Love it, beautiful, elegant, classy, not too showing off like a ferrari or lambo…

  • Jim Plummer

    Love my gen 1 but i’m very tempted by what I’ve seen so far. gorgeous!


    Simplement sublime !!!!
    Dans la plus pure tradition du style Porsche !!!
    J’en veux une !!!!

  • Absolutely superb. Especially in that “red” color with the cream interior. The rear badges (which I originally didn’t like) have grown on me. In its simplicity lies its beauty. Bravo Porsche.

  • Ohm

    Very well done – Porsche, congratulations – it looks good, modren and no doubt it’s a 911.
    I can’t wait to see it next to my GTS !

  • henry boxer

    I think Porsche slipped up with the design of the 997 and they have done it again with the 991 – the side profile just doesnt work. From the front and from the rear its pretty much faultless though. They should have kept the lines cleaner, as per the 996 rear section. I’m sure most of you will disagree, but just look at the 996 Turbo compared to the 997 Turbo, to my mind the 996 is far more gracefull and flowing.