Magnus Walker’s Porsche 911 STR II: The new legend

Anyone who has ever restored or built up a complete car will know about it; that long but oh-so worth it wait before the almost-finished project can be taken out of the garage for a first test drive.

Some builds can take years of excruciating setbacks and attention to detail, but that feeling of finishing a project remains the same. In the case of Magnus Walker, we’ve all seen before that things can go pretty fast when it comes to building custom 911s.

His latest creation took a little longer for him than expected, though as new projects formed short term go-betweens during the final stages of this second ’72 STR project.


The build therefore took several months longer than usual to finally complete – but we were able to shoot the STR II right after its first shakedown run around Magnus’ downtown Los Angeles neighbourhood.

After finishing the first STR (an amalgamation of ST and R spec 911s) and selling it to France, Magnus started this build just over a year ago in 2012 with a non-running, numbers-matching 1972 911T base car acquired through eBay.

The car looked like an unfinished Turbo or RSR style replica project, painted flat black and equipped with horrendous ‘turbo-esque’ fibreglass fender flares that were crudely attached to the body. The car had been in California for a long time, but although it looked pretty bad cosmetically it was a good, rust free-911.


With the car in Magnus’ hands, the Turbo and RSR replica connotations were never going to remain, and fresh plans were duly hatched. Magnus promptly pulled the original MFI motor out and put it in storage, and started hammering away on the body with metal guru Frank Turner.

Before they could start all this work, however, the car had to be taken off the trailer on which it had arrived from the Sacramento area. Since there was no ignition key included and the steering wheel was locked in an off-centre position, it proved a tough job to even reunite it with the ground again.

To read more about Magnus’s iconic STR II build (now sold) grab your copy of Total 911 issue 100 from the Imagine Shop now. Alternatively, you can download it to your digital device from Great Digital Mags.


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