Video: Magnus Walker releases ‘Urban Outlaw’ wheel

As exclusively revealed by Total 911 in issue 114, 911 hot-rodding superstar Magnus Walker is to release his own ‘Urban Outlaw’ wheel after signing up to work with Fifteen52, the American styling component company made famous by Ken Block.

Both based in Los Angeles, Walker and Fifteen52 have been working for the last 12 months to come up with a finished product that reflects the unique style the self-styled Urban Outlaw puts into each Porsche 911 project.

The new wheels borrow plenty of cues from the iconic ‘Five Leaf’ Fuchs alloys, as well as the PAG Campagnolo replicas however, the end result is decidedly ‘Magnus Walker’ in their flavour, something the man himself was keen to achieve.

“It’s not easy to design a wheel that’s different from the rest,” Magnus tells Total 911. “I run a variety of wheels across all my cars, but I’ve always found it frustrating that none of them bolt straight on. I wanted to change that with a new design: it needed to have five lugs and be different.”

Magnus Walker Fifteen52 wheel

The standard colour for the new wheels will be flat black with gloss black centres however, a more traditional silver finish will also be available, along with a gold version for those hoping to emulate Walker’s STR II build style.

Featuring the ‘Urban Outlaw’ branding on the bespoke centre caps, the wheels are forged two-piece units made in LA by Fifteen52. While currently only available in a 15-inch diameter (with 6,7,8,9, and 11-inch widths) Magnus intends to quickly expand the range.

“Later guys on 964s and 993s all like retro wheels too, so I intend to have the wheels available in larger 16,17,18-inch sizes. That way, early guys can run 15s on their Porsches and the later guys with 993s can run 17-inch wheels,” he explained to Total 911.

And, to celebrate the release of the new ‘UO’ range, Magnus has released a video of the wheels sitting underneath his ’76 Euro-spec 930 as the man himself takes in the sights of downtown Los Angeles. See the video by clicking here.

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