‘Living the Porsche’ documentary from Autohaus Hamilton

The chances are good that you are a Porsche fanatic just like us if you’re reading this. You understand the allure of Stuttgart and the legendary output of sports cars from the Zuffenhausen factory.

To some, Porsche’s attraction does not hold as firm as the pull from Maranello or Sant’Agata but, to those people, we say, ‘Watch this documentary’ as Autohaus Hamilton explore Porsche culture and what makes Zuffenhausen so special.

Including interviews with die-hard owners, as well as plenty of gorgeous German machinery, this film (shot by Sydney-based filmmakers, SoDUS) is one of the best explorations of the Porsche life we have seen, so sit back and enjoy.

And, if that wasn’t enough to convince you, Magnus Walker has given it his Urban Outlaw seal of approval.

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