Let’s see more wild-looking 911s


Two 911s – one GT3 RS with a wild colour scheme and a plain grey 997. Both great cars, granted, but one doesn’t warrant a second glance, whereas the other one we’ve been discussing all day in the T911 offices.

Not because of its 450bhp engine or revised suspension, but because of the GT3 RS’s amazing paint job. It just looks so outrageous and out of place in these supposedly sombre times. The basic colour is grey, like our other car here, but that’s been offset by the red wheels, mirrors and graphics. Add the widened front arches and mad rear wing into the equation and you have one eye-catching car. We love it!

Porsche has obviously chosen this scheme to attract attention to its new-model announcement and they’ve certainly successed in that respect. The trouble is, we doubt many buyers will be brave enough to spec their own RSs in such an eye-catching way. And that, we reckon, is a real shame. We need more excitement on our roads.

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