Leggett to Fort Bragg, California

Written by our community author Bob Aines.

This amazing drive from Leggett takes in the northern section of US1, which has some spectacular twisties and all the beauty without the RVs.

Leggett 10 is at Leggett Market, a great rally point right off US 101 where the drive starts. From here, you can experience some of the old growth Northern California Redwoods. This section is sweepers through the forests dropping to tight switchbacks with steep dropoffs as you approach the coast.
Leggett 11

Once you reach the coast there is a wonderful scenic overlook, which also provides a good place to regroup if you’re doing this with more than one car.
Leggett 13

After regrouping, you’ll then enjoy the run along the Pacific coast, with the ocean to your right. Traffic is much lighter than the southern sections of US 1 without the RV’s rolling at 20MPH. The views and road are every bit as breathtaking.
Leggett 15

Once you reach Fort Bragg, so you can refuel before turning around and tackling the 45-mile route back north again!
Leggett 10

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