Legacy of the GT3 in Total 911 now

The revolutionary mechanical changes to the new 991 GT3 as revealed last month on Total911.com marks the end of an era for Mezger engined 996 and 997 variants. But what legacy do these revered GT3’s leave?

To find out, Total 911 took a Gen1 996 and Gen2 997 on track before an adventure on public roads in the beautiful British countryside, showcasing the evolution of thirteen years of GT3’s. As well as that famous ‘Mezger six’, we say goodbye to manual transmission and hydraulic-powered steering and ponder the effect these traits have had on the GT3’s overwhelming popularity.

Our lavish review of the Mezger GT3’s legacy is part of an incredible package of GT3 in issue 99 of Total 911, on sale now. We discuss in great detail the changes to the new variant and bring you the first pictures from its official launch, starting on page 14. To get your copy wherever you are in the world, visit the Imagine Shop at ww.imagineshop.co.uk/magazines/total911.html, or download a digital edition for all platforms via the fabulous new GreatDigitalMags.com website.

Issue 99 is available to buy now


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