K9503 to Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart

You’ve just been given the keys to your new 911 from the factory at Porscheplatz, and want to find the nearest great road to exert your new flat six on.

Fortunately, there’s an entertaining route not ten minutes from Zuffenhausen, situated to the west of Stuttgart’s perimeter.

In fact, the PR clerks at Porsche AG will be well versed in attacking the series of twists and turns on the way up the route in question, as the Castle Solitude at the top is the oft-used location for pictures accompanying a new Porsche press release.


Begin your journey by leaving the factory and turning left (remember, you’re driving on the other side of the road, so you will need to go all the way round the roundabout from the right).

You’ll quickly want to leave the Stuttgart traffic behind, so join the B295 for a few short minutes after heading out of Zuffenhausen. Turning off at Wolfbusch after 4.5 kilometres, you need to turn left again at the crossroads onto Solitudestrasse.

This is where the fun begins. The single carriageway tracks straight forward for a mile to the start of a steep descent up a high plain, with Castle Schloss clearly visible at the summit of the horizon ahead.


Location: Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart
Latitude: 48.7869° N, 9.0842° E
Length of drive: 12 kilometres
Points of interest: Porsche Museum, Porscheplatz; Schloss Solitude
Food and accommodation: Christophorus, Porsche Museum Porsche.com/museum

Beginning the ascent as you leave the town of Wolfbusch behind you, you’ll be greeted with a series of tight left-right-left turns winding up the hill – good for eking out the revs in second gear in a 991.

Some corners allow you to hold the gear for longer, which will most likely make for the first time you hear the bark of that magical flat-six engine filling the leafy environment around you.

Once you reach the castle at the top, the road opens out, where there’s ample room to turn around and attempt the hill’s twists again.

Alternatively, you can stop and admire the views over the town of Leonberg (home of TechArt and Gemballa) and take some picturesque ‘PR’ shots of your own, before climbing back in that 911 and continuing the repatriation back home. A word of warning, though: avoid the route during rush hour, as the hill is susceptible to being choked by commuters.


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