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“The RSR is handsome, talented, insanely quick and super-focused.”

Words of wisdom from our exclusive feature with Travis drummer Neil Primrose, and his America hero. That’s all we’re giving away… to read more on the man who loves hardcore 911s you’ll just have to get your hands on a copy of the latest issue of Total 911.

Also inside…

We all know that by being the first to market a truly successful production Turbo model, Porsche changed its image almost overnight from upmarket sports car specialist to purveyor of the accessible super car… But how did the company adapt the flat six to cope with the rigours of forced induction? Our technical expert reveals all.

Porsche has had huge success in racing over the years but little is known about how it set the pace in the Seventies on the Irish International Rally Series scene… our motorsport reporter Paul Lawrence uncovers how the Porsche 911 took over as the weapon of choice.

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