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Out of 230 vehicles, 75,000 American car buyers voted the new 991 as the best vehicle, according to market researcher JD Power. At the same time it was also tipped as the winner in its class after a poll carried out by Sport Auto magazine, so it seems Porsche has done rather well with its latest 911 offering. Taking top honours may well influence a car buyer, along with glowing reports from the world’s press, but surely it’s more useful to know what it’s actually like to live with? Forming the backbone of our ultimate guide to the 991, regular contributor to US publication Autoweek Ronan McGrath spent ten days living with a Carrera S. Also, we have verdicts from readers who have either owned or driven the new 911, as well as our findings from pushing one to its limits on Porsche’s Leipzig test track, based on some of the world’s most legendary corners. In fact, my visit to the car manufacturer’s plant was one of the highlights of my year. Although home to the Panamera and Cayenne, it was still an honour to have an insight into the production process – the focus on detail, clinical precision and cleanliness was astonishing. There’s plenty more on offer, from a Ruf CTR2 Sport and a Gemballa Turbo Cabriolet – both rare beasts but very different – to an interview with the legend behind Freisinger Motorsport, who has tuned, restored, and raced Porsches since 1965, and a 935 DP2 that has campaigned in the absolutely awesome Berg Cup. Eclectic for sure!

Also inside…

  • We head to Silverstone to evaluate Pirelli’s new Trofeo R
  • 997 Turbo road trip: Calais to Saint-Tropez in one day
  • We meet engine specialists Redtek
  • Full report from rounds four and five of the British GT with Motorbase Performance
  • News and product reviews
  • Your letters, emails and tweets
  • Living the legend
  • Great roads

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