Issue 61 is out now!

The latest issue of Total 911 is on sale now in newsagents, online, and on the iPhone and iPad. And, as always, it’s packed full of the mouthwatering Porsches. Highlights include:

Complete Guide to the 912 – the car that was a 911 in all but its engine and is now a sought-after classic.

997 Carrera S from Brookslands to Reims – driving from one classic circuit to another.

964 Carrera 2 and 4 – why it was such a groundbreaking 911.

N-rated tyres – the truth about what they are and whether or not your Porsche needs them.

1966 911S road test

Mad 934/RSR replica from the USA

Driving the Pacific Highway

All this and much, much more in the world’s only Porsche 911 magazine. Nothing else matters!


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  • soeren andersen

    Hi total911,

    Pleased to see my brand new copy in the mailbox today – however reading through the article about N-game I have been seaching on your website though without any luck for the link to the porsche booklet named “All you now need is the right tyre” the link in the article mentioned a 2008 porsche document – recommendations for your porsche classic vehicle summer tyre.

    Hope for a quick answer and by the way many thanks for the simply brilliant magazine which I very much look forward to receive every time.

    Keep up the good work and the quality articles.

    Best regards

    Soeren Andersen, Denmark.

  • Hi

    Thanks for your comments. The tyres post is here.