Issue 56 is now available – with a 996 Complete Guide

1D6C045De8dc3aec8822AD06ae6770b4The latest issue of Total 911 is now on sale. Here are just some of the highlights:

996 Complete Guide

The first of the modern water-cooled 911s, the 996 has been much maligned in recent years. We put the record straight with our detailed guide to the car. We explain all about RMS leaks, exploding engines and why they shouldn’t scare you off. A good 996 is the perfect and affordable 911 for everyday use on modern roads.

1972 911S Classic Test

If air-cooling is more your thing, going back in time, we put a classic 911S through its paces in the latest of our series of road tests – all set in period 1970s style!

993 RS for £9000?

Yes, it did cost £9000 and it looks just like an RS but this budget replica is actually based on an SC and is the result of one man’s labour of love. It’s stunning!


Oversteer and understeer explained
RSR lookalike
TechArt Tuner Grand Prix winners
911SC RS racecars reunited
997 Carrera S with GT3 pretensions

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Comments (5)

  • George Mathewson

    I’ve been a reader of your magazine over the last few years and have enjoyed your perspective on 911’s.

    What I find troubling in the Southwest Florida USA market is that it seems to be harder to find your magazine at even the “big” store chains such as Borders, Book-A-Million, and Barnes & Noble. In fact, it has been a few months since I have even seen an issue in anyone of these stores.

    I do not subscribe to any magazines, which I know would cure this situation. Is there any other answer, short of visiting your website?

    HELP! And thanks to your anticipated response.

    George Mathewson
    Florida, USA

  • Hi George

    Sorry to hear of your problem. As you say, a subscription would be the easiest and cheapest solution. However, you could ask your local store to order it for you.


  • rodney

    I’m in Boca Raton and just picked issue 55 at Barnes and Noble. I think Borders may have it as well.

  • Tony Randell

    Issue 56 is sold out already !!! Not even on shelves in US / Canada yet!! Will it even make it!!

  • S. Evenson

    In Sweden I´v got the magazine 3-4 weeks after Uk in regular newspaperstore. Very easy and thank you for a god magazin.