Isle of Man TT course

Written by our community author Richard Lambert.

This incredible loop, winding through the Isle of Man’s villages, begins at the start of the TT Course in Douglas, turning right onto the A1 at Quarterbridge. From here you head to Crosby via Union Mills, before turning left onto the A3, through Ballaugh (home of the famous bridge) to Ramsey through stretches of derestricted road.

That’s right, there is no maximum on the island’s National Speed Limit (although caution is advised, and limits exist in built-up areas).

The greatest such section is Mountain Road where, taking the A18 out of Ramsey, you get set for no speed limits, fabulous views (for the passenger), and wonderfully smooth tarmac winding to Creg-ny-Baa and back down to Douglas.

Once back in Douglas you’ve just completed 37 miles of the circuit, before getting ready to do it all again! Early morning is the best as the traffic through the villages is less.

Fun in a tail-happy 911 and safer than a TT racer!

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