Is this a four-cylinder Porsche 991.2 test mule?

We all know that the face-lifted Porsche 991 Carrera (likely to be dubbed 991.2) is set to switch from naturally aspirated flat sixes to downsized turbocharged powerplants but we certainly weren’t expecting this!

A Porsche 991.2 prototype has been caught on video testing in a suburb of Stuttgart and, while it looks like this is just another test mule, it definitely doesn’t sound that way.

Is that the distinctive note of a flat four engine we hear coming from the back of the black prototype? In the short clip of the car in motion, it undoubtedly doesn’t sound like a derivative of the 9A1 flat six that we’ve come to know since 2008.

For comparison, here’s another brief video [above] of what seems to be a more traditional flat-six engined Porsche 991.2, albeit with the unmistakable ‘woofle’ of two turbochargers.

If you’re worried that the next generation of Porsche 911 is about to go a bit ‘356’ on us there may be some hope. The updated Porsche Boxster/Cayman is due to get a flat four engine so this Porsche 991 prototype may have been employed to test out that engine.

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