Interior motives – is Porsche moving towards a new-look cockpit?

Porsches have long been criticised for being workmanlike but, well, a bit dull inside. Usually by people who don’t really get the point of a 911 – the cars are meant to be functional. If you want a sumptuous interior, buy a Bentley and a pipe.

However, we wonder if Porsche isn’t bowing to consumer pressure. First we had the retro-style of the (very) leather-clad Sport Classic. Now we have the two-tone extravaganza that is the new Turbo S cockpit.

Both are sure to divide opinion. Some are going to say it goes against all that Porsche stands while others will welcome the chance of stepping into a 911 interior that really cossets them.

And as the 911 is a luxury purchase, that’s perfectly a reasonable. It’s also nothing new – get into one of the first 911s from the early 1960s and you were confronted by leather and wood, plus extravagant (for the day) such as electric windows and sunroof. It was pure luxury compared to many cars of the era.

Maybe, then, it’s time for 911 cockpits to become more sumptuous.


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  • Its about time! The Sports Classics interior is fantastic -> I deeply question the sensibility of anyone that rejects more beauty and luxury in a car. Perhaps, those people that would complain are the ones that do not drive the Porsches often enough. I say get off your purist high horse and drive your Porsche; Hah!