Imagine launches How It Works Illustrated

Here at Total 911, when it comes to road trips, all we need to keep our interest piqued is a great road and the keys to a Porsche 911. However, for passengers (especially younger ones) even the sound of a howling flat six and the magic of an alpine pass may not be enough to stave off boredom on a long continental journey.

That’s where How It Works Illustrated comes in. The latest print release from the creators of Total 911 makes an ideal travel companion for children and adults alike thanks to 132 illustration-packed pages, delving into all the great topics that you have ever pondered about.

How It Works Illustrated spread

Standing alongside sister magazine, How It Works, How It Work Illustrated will focus on a single subject each issue, providing in-depth, illuminating coverage on topics as far ranging as Ancient Rome or dinosaurs thanks to the plethora of premium illustrations and educational content.

How It Works Illustrated is available to buy now in both print and digital formats. Issue one focuses on the history of Earth, documenting day one to 2014 with over 80 beautiful bespoke drawings sure to enthral and entertain magazine enthusiasts of all ages.

To pick up your printed copy (priced at £6.99), head to your local newsagents now or order issue one online. Alternatively, you can download a digital version to your iPad, tablet, iPhone, or smartphone.

How It Works Illustrated spread 2

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