How to bed in PCCB (ceramic brakes)

To quote manufacturer SGL’s own information: “To enable carbon-ceramic brake discs to demonstrate their better brake response behaviour, higher fading stability and good brake control, a special brake application programme is required for PCCB-equipped vehicles.”

This programme is identical for all disc sizes and consists of three phases. The aim of the first phase is to create sufficiently high contact between brake disc and brake pad. The purpose of the following second and third phases is to fully develop the friction film between brake pad and brake disc.

Phase 3 can be reduced by two or three brake applications at maximum deceleration (ABS control range) from 100–110mph down to zero. The time interval between these should be around three minutes.

Phase 1

15 brake applications of 10 seconds each at minimum deceleration (roughly 20 percent) from 100 to 50mph at approximately 30 second intervals.

Phase 2

15 brake applications of 7 seconds each at low deceleration (roughly 30 percent) from 100 to 50mph at approximately one minute intervals.p08_0522_a4

Phase 3

15 brake applications of 7 seconds each at medium deceleration (roughly 40 percent) from 110 to 50mph  at approximately two minute intervals.

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  • bill

    it would seem that if the manufacture,who has spent alot of time and money on research for this brake system,who would have a better understanding of their product knows what there talking about. For those those who oppose these steps why should you make a big deal about something that would benefit the brake system. besides following these instructions will only take about 30 minutes of your time and a possible speeding ticket depending where you live. Have a great day