Hällefors to Mora via Borlänge, Sweden

Written by our community author Neill Watson.

Hällefors is typical of many small Swedish towns in this part of the country. Originally built upon the industries of iron ore and timber, steelmaking has long since died out, leaving timber and tourism as the big draws to the area.

Swedish side roads are generally gravel-based, with no sealed top surface (it’s one reason why they have supplied so many world rally champions). However, the main roads connecting towns are surfaced with asphalt of an almost race track-like quality.

Add in the fact that Sweden has a population of under ten million, and you can see how, once out of the cities, the roads carry only light traffic.

Siljan_vid_Rättvik_från_ovan_(4)Calle Eklund

The road is initially tree-lined, and in summer the sun shines through them, creating deep shadows, past the many traditional timber buildings. Once past Kopparberg towards Borlänge, the altitude increases, and the trees become a little more sparse.

The view is majestic: the road remains perfectly surfaced, and the traffic still light. We often drove for more than 90 seconds at 160kph without seeing another car. However, get into trouble and you may not be found for days.

You skirt around the edge of the town of Borlänge and head onwards to Falun. The road initially gets slightly more twisty until again it opens out into long, sweeping bends. Turn left in Falun, leaving the Route 50 for the Route 69.


Location: Route 50, Route 69 and Route 70, Sweden
Latitude: 59.7667° N, 14.5167° E
Length of drive: 225km
Points of interest:

Lake Siiljan;
Bog logging trucks;
Large moose in the forests.
Food and accommodation:
The Swedes love a curious combination of smoked hot dogs and creamy mashed potato. Every petrol station has it.
Hellefors Herrgard period Hotel

The forestry closes in on you once more, giving the feeling of true Swedish rallying in the countryside. You’re then climbing once more towards Mora until with around 30 kilometres still to go, you reach the junction with Route 70.

In front of you, the huge expanse of Lake Siljan appears through the tree line. Sweden has thousands of lakes, but the elevated view means you should stop and take it in. Turn right through the town of Rattvik and follow the road, with Lake Siljan below you on your left the whole way to Mora.

This road takes stamina, so pace yourself. Watch out for moose crossing the roads, and don’t forget when overtaking the logging trucks that they’re very fast, so overtaking takes far longer than you’d think.

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