Guest blog – the only Porsche in the village

Another guest blog from Total 911 reader Pietro Ranieri, which all petrolheads should be able to relate to.

Tuesday night is pub night in my village, and this week’s four IPAs inspired this post, so thanks boys, you know who you are.

What makes ‘guys’ get into cars, and why does it not effect all men?

My own father wasn’t really interested in cars, except that he was a ‘Ford’ man and bought a new one every two to three years. His choice of cars was always along the same lines as he went from a Cortina to Sierra to Sierra Sapphire and finally to his last three purchases which have all been Mondeos.

Now annoyingly, the Ford Mondeo is an excellent car, roomy, plenty of cup holders, good engine, economical, good value, but why is it not an option for me, or any other petrolhead?

Chatting to my fellow Tuesday night drinkers got me thinking about this as, out of the seven of us, I would say two of us are ‘into’ cars, the rest are simply not bothered (the other petrolhead has a lovely TR6) or their idea of a car purchase is more feature- or comfort-led over buying a car with your heart.

I don’t actually believe car buying is down to available income, either, as there are a lot of fun cars out there for achieveable money, especially if you downgrade your house, sell your children or wife… (only joking, dear!).

If you really want something ‘you can make it happen’, a mantra I believe in, however silly it might sound.

Which brings me to the 911. I’ve been lucky enough to have had three 911s now; a 996 Carrera, 997 Carrera S and my current car, a rather special 997 Turbo. Over Ferraris, Astons, Lambos, Maseratis etc, Porsches are cars for everyone, even my Mondeo-loving father.

In my opinion it ticks off all boxes in terms of sensible features like cupholders, roominess, value for money, not too flashy (relatively), even servicing is every 20,000 miles and much more reasonable than most cars as nothing ever goes wrong! Out of all three 911’s that I’ve had the only cost has been tyres (rear only) and a couple of few hundred quid services. How many people carrier driving non-petrolheads can boast that?

Anyway I look forward to next week’s Tuesday night where I’m sure I’m going to get corrected! Love you boys.

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