Schwarzaldhochstrasse, Germany

This Great Road was initially published in issue 75 of Total 911.

A mere 112km west of Porsche’s birthplace, Stuttgart, a drive along the nearly 80-year-old Schwarzwaldhochstrasse from Baden-Baden to Freudenstadt in Germany’s Black Forest ties in nicely with a visit to the Stuttgart Porsche Museum.

We join this 60km stretch of 911 heaven just shy of the quaint town of Baden-Baden, our approach taking us through the towns of Sinzheim, Steinbach and Neuweier. The architecture is typically alpine, almost Swiss.

Houses are wrapped in ornate wooden balconies, with decorative wooden shutters to match. Before beginning our ascent, the temperature reads 4.5 degrees Celsius. Should you be taking this route in the early morning, sunnies are a must, as driving blindly along this winding road is not recommended.

Vineyards grace the mountainsides of Neuweier, as the Baden region is well known for its fruity and aromatic Riesling wine. This drive is so beautiful, it’s almost surreal; like living in a fairytale.

Rather promptly, the road begins to wind up into the forested mountains. The lack of road markings in the first kilometre are an indication of narrow roads. The Schwarzwaldhochstrasse has its fair share of hairpins – great fun in a 911!

This road is clearly popular with bikers, as there are frequent reminders of the danger of skidding, so do take care.

Around every corner lies a thoughtfully placed picnic bench with beautiful views. It is worth stopping to chat to locals, should the opportunity arise, as they are more than obliging and may be able to warn you about current road conditions or inform you of the perfect eating pitstop.

LOCATION: Bundestrasse 500, Germany

LATITUDE: 48° 45’ 0” N/8° 15’ 0” E

LENGTH OF DRIVE: 60km (37 miles)

Black Forest walks and trails
Neuweier wine-growing area

Schlosshotel Bühlerhöhe


Schliffkopf Wellness & Natur Resort

Take a right roughly 16km from Baden-Baden, and a long and winding driveway will take you up to an absolute palace of a hotel, ironically named Schlosshotel Bühlerhöhe! Sadly, this beautiful hotel is closed for renovation until next year, but just a few kilometres up the drag is the entrance to Wanderparadies Plättig, a wilderness trail in Germany’s largest Nature Park. This is the perfect location to stretch your legs.

The Schwarzwaldhochstrasse ascends to over 1,000m, making it a popular ski-location for locals and visitors alike. So if skiing is your cup of tea, don’t forget to pack your gear. Ski lifts are located at regular intervals along this stretch.

About 28km along the road, at an altitude of 1,036m, lies the typically alpine Berghotel Mummelsee. As this is the halfway point, it’s worth stopping here for lunch, as the airy hotel restaurant affords splendid views over the lake.

The Schwarzwaldladen (Black Forest shop) is also worth a visit, as it is filled with all sorts of regional delicacies, including cheese, bread, ham and chocolate.

This is a road for cruising and enjoying, although the well-cambered corners and smooth surface will invite you to push the pedal. Lanes are wide, giving you the extra room needed on these winding roads.

Despite being exposed to more extreme temperatures than we are used to in the UK, German roads are surprisingly pothole free. The road is relatively quiet, but it will no doubt be buzzing with activity in the summer months. Although the max speed along this stretch of Tarmac is only 100km/hr, the corners are sure to give you some fun.

Even though this road is only 60km, you may take a good few hours to complete it, as the numerous photo-taking and skiing opportunities, tempting local cuisine and stunning views will be enough to distract you more than once. Upon arriving in Freudenstadt, the question is not ‘Where to now?’ but ‘Can we do that again?’

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