Gallery: New Porsche 911 R driven in Total 911 issue 138

The new issue of Total 911on sale in store and online today – doesn’t just see us get under the skin of the new Porsche 911 R, nor simply look at the history of the original super lightweight Neunelfer. We actually found our way into the cockpit for a high-octane ride.

That’s right, we jumped inside the new Porsche 991 R for a passenger ride with non other than Andreas Preuninger at the wheel. Don’t believe us check out this awesome gallery of Richard Pardon’s gorgeous shots before picking up a copy of the new issue to read about it for yourself.

RP - 911RFD

RP - 911RFD-11

RP - 911RFD-3

RP - 911RFD-10

RP - 911RFD-4

RP - 911RFD-12

RP - 911RFD-9

To read our impressions from inside the new Porsche 991 R, pick up Total 911 issue 138 in store today. Alternatively, order your copy online for home delivery, or download it to your digital device now.

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