FVD Brombacher’s 991 exhaust system

€7,194; €13,194 (titanium)

If ever there was an aftermarket exhaust manufacturer that could be compared to Porsche’s OEM system, then perhaps FVD Brombacher’s 991 offering is just that. For example, the headers on its latest systems include a double-plated flange, which dissipates heat and vibration more efficiently and consequently does not warp. The header piping incorporates a 2.75-inch motorsport-style merge collector to smooth out exhaust flow and turbulence created from the three primary pipes merging into one. Collectors create more velocity, which reduces backpressure and provides low-end and mid-range torque.

Its systems also include Aero-Quip connections after the cat instead of a flange to reduce weight and keep increases in gas volume and velocity constant as the tubing diameter is kept consistent.

The catalytic converter’s cores used in this system are the most advanced in the industry, to ensure years of trouble-free operation, reduced weight and increased horsepower. They are produced by HJS in Germany and are a 200cpsi tri-metal design, which are the freest flowing and most environmentally friendly aftermarket cats produced today.

The muffler section incorporates an X pipe design to eliminate drone and gives the system the added benefit of increased torque in the mid-range. Made with double perforated sound absorption tubes means much less flow restriction than the common baffle-plated mufflers stuffed with packing material. This translates into larger horsepower gains at higher RPMs and an aggressive gurgling sound to enhance the low, deep tones that you hear with the exhaust valves open.

Lastly, the exhaust tips are a dual 3.5-inch round design and are double walled to dissipate heat, which means that they won’t tarnish as quickly as single-walled tips. The design fits the factory cutouts in the bumper perfectly and is mounted via the Aero-Quip ball style-connecting joints. Call 0049 7665 989 90 to see what else FVD offers or go to its website.


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