Forge Motorsport new external wastegate

Forge Motorsport has raised the bar with another British designed, developed and manufactured component, a brand new external wastegate suitable for all high-performance forced induction cars. Featuring the use of a piston-actuated mechanism, rather than the more common, and less durable, diaphragm type, this product has been designed from the outset to cope with the rigours of motorsport, being able to withstand large horsepower, boost and temperature figures for sustained periods, without any loss of function.

The piston body is produced from aerospace grade, high temperature alloy, while all of the associated hardware has been machined from stainless steel. The unit can be precisely tailored to each individual application with the use of the eight different spring configurations to allow tuners to set the piston to open in small increments from 2.9 up to 23.2psi. In sustained high-temperature tests in the US, Forge’s car ran several events with well over 800bhp, with no issues at all. For more information call 01452 380999 or visit


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