Football score found in 911S

As the old adage goes, every car has a story to tell, and none more so than the iconic 911 now in its 50th year of existence. Sometimes, such clues to a past life are never too far from the surface – quite literally, in the case of a 1972 S currently being restored at Autofarm, UK. The experts at Autofarm have found an interesting example of graffiti inside the very 911 that featured on the cover of our issue 87 last year.

On stripping the ’72 S down, they found a football score between what looks like Borussia Monchengladbach and Inter Mailand with ‘7:1’ scribed on the inside of the bodyshell. Later checks through the football history books found this match took place on 20th October 1971, suggesting the car was on the production line then. How about that for a little bit of history?

The scrawling reads 'Gladbach 7:1 Inter'

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