Fearnsport’s GT2 FS in Total 911 now

The GT2 already carries an almighty reputation as the uber 911, with mainstream media even going as far as to label the car a traditional Widowmaker of sorts. But can the GT2 be tamed for all-day use? Fearnsport believe they have found the perfect balance of both dynamic performance and docility when called upon, with their impressive GT2 FS providing a fine case in point.

But has the FS tamed the GT2, without harming its trademark performance? And more over, does the GT2 even have a quiet side? These questions and more our answered in our definitive ‘GT2 reborn’ feature, on page 16 of the new issue 96 of Total 911, out now. To purchase a copy, visit the Imagine Shop at www.imagineshop.co.uk/magazines/total911.html, or download a digital edition for all platforms via the fabulous new GreatDigitalMags.com website.

The GT2 FS: Fearnsport's bespoke evolution of the GT2.

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