Fancy a brand new 964RSR?

Porsche 911 - 964 RSR Brand newHow about this for a treat? It’s a 964 RSR racecar that’s covered just 4 miles (yes, four) since new. In other words, it’s never been used. It’s for sale in Japan for around £310,000. Is it worth that? How can you tell with a car like this? It’s worth what someone is prepared to pay for it.

My concern is what sort of condition the mechanicals are in. If it’s been in storage for the last 15 years, there’s a far chance that oil seals have dried out and the engine could need a full rebuild. The comment that the fuel tank has been ‘serviced’ is odd. 

I hope that whoever buys this car throws away the cottonwool and goes out and drives it on track – hard, as it was built for. It would be a crying shame to see it put back into storage by someone who’s scared to put any miles on its clock.

Comments (2)

  • BUT. As soon as someone starts to drive it, it’s lost it’s £310k value. That’s what I always dislike about these ‘cotton wool cars’. Whoever buys it won’t be able to drive it, otherwise it’s uniqueness is lost.
    Me, I’d rather have one covered in flies and brake dust….

    Doesn’t stop it being a remarkable find, though!

  • Sod the value – I’d get out there and drive it! It reminds me of a Lotus Elite kit that came up for sale a few years back – should it be built or not?