EXCLUSIVE: Porsche 911 R spotted out testing

Two weeks ago, we revealed that Porsche was rumoured to be building a modern day 911 R using the 991 GT3 as a platform. Today, those rumours were confirmed as Total 911 spies caught a glimpse of the car while out testing.

It may currently look like a de-winged first generation 991 GT3 at the moment but, wearing Ludwigsburg-registered number plates like many of Porsche’s test mules, these photos are proof that Weissach is seriously evaluating a new addition to the neunelfer range.

The fact that Porsche is testing a barely modified 991 GT3 appears to confirm that the 911 R will get the 9,000rpm-redlined 9A1 flat six. Despite the 991 Carrera GTS decklid, rumours now suggest that the ‘R’ could wear a ducktail come its debut in Geneva.

Porsche 911 R profile

As previously explained, while using the GT3’s high-revving engine, the 911 R will utilise a manual gearbox and will feature more weight-saving than Andreas Preuninger’s acclaimed neunelfer in a bid to appeal to ‘purists’.

Unlike this test mule, the finished 911 R will undoubtedly feature styling cues from the new 991.2, including the 3D effect brake lights and updated front light signature when it is officially released in March 2016.

Total 911 understands that official Porsche Centres are already receiving letters of intent for the Porsche 991 R, with rumours continuing to circulate that this will be a limited edition car in the mould of the iconic 997 GT3 RS 4.0.

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Porsche 911 R front

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