996.1 Carrera (996) 1998-2001

An all-new 911 with larger, restyled bodywork and a 3.4-litre water-cooled engine. The interior was redesigned in order to enable better ergonomic efficiency and allow for more room. The Carrera was a rear-wheel-drive, entry-level model, ideal for first-time Porsche drivers.

Production Numbers56733
Compression Ratio11.3:1
BrakesFront: 318mm discs; Rear: 299mm discs
Wheels & TyresFront: 7x17-inch, 205/50/R17; Rear: 9x17-inch, 255/40/R17 (18-inch rims optional)
Maximum Power300bhp @ 6,800rpm
Maximum Torque350Nm @ 4,600rpm
0-60mph5.2 seconds
Top Speed174mph

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  • chris barrett

    I have a 1999 996 C4, manual. It is a wonderful car. I have driven a lot of Porsches. This is a serious car and, mine at least, it is stone reliable. A set of Bilsteins properly done, or, say Ohlins, and good tires appropriate for the season and you can very happily drive this car all year. For many years. It is a hundred percent a Porsche. As far as I can tell the Porschisti freaked at the demise of the air cooled car, as well as the near death experience for the entire company that necessitated rethinking their flagship model in the first place. Maybe the air cooled folks projected that state of mind on the revolutionary at the time 996 model at first. To my eye it is elemental and beautiful and it is a very unadorned mechanical experience driving it. In other words the Pinky Lai team did real good and it took a while for the inevitable to be acceptable. Fact is 996 sales saved Porsche the company. Pretty interesting for such “terrible” two star car!? Rumor has it that the IMS bearing failure rate as determined by discovery in a class action lawsuit about supposed IMS harm to buyers- the actually documentable rate – was less that 1%. The myth-fetish about the IMS issue usually overlooks that and also that the aftermarket repairs are easily available and totally effective. So that leaves the headlights that somebody doesn’t like. I think they’re just fine. Anyway, it’s hard to debate these mostly empty “facts” or my own driver’s experience . I’d pump up the stars here if I could, but otherwise here’s what I say: just buy one and drive it a couple hundred thousand miles. Maybe do the IMS patch. Ok, do the IMS fix. You’ll like it.