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  • Henri-Pierre fobe

    I hope the owner lives in a country which is salt free during the winters. It would be a pity to leave the car in the garage during the winter.

  • That is just out of this world!!!! freaking insane!

  • Ralph

    As a surface it would be very durable if it’s quality chrome, but it must also add a lot of weight. It would certainly stand out on the street but I think it would be more becoming of an American muscle car which is already garish. On a Porsche 911 it is somehow at odds with the understated elegance and modesty integral to the brand and German style in general. I guess the first question is, “Why?” The second is ‘What would Ferdinand have thought of it?”

  • Dan Silipo

    Looks fab, but what happens when driving into the sun-surely it must be blinding from the reflection off the bonnet?
    Dan, Happy new year to y’all

  • Cracking car!

  • Frank Helms

    Now that is cool! It reminds me of some chrome Hot Wheels I had as a kid.

  • Ian

    Car is for sale at my local Porsche specialist. 911 sport.