Christopher Ward Mowbray collection: the ideal Christmas present

Christopher Ward, the London-based watchmaker, does not only produce excellent timepieces. This year, celebrating their tenth anniversary, the company launched its first collection of luxurious leather accessories for the discerning gentleman.

The Mowbray Collection comprises seven pieces, from the humble key ring through to the eye-catching iPad case. Each accessory is crafted in the UK, the collection drawing its name from town in which the products are made.

“The Mowbray Collection, like our watches, gives men our unique blend of quality and tremendous value expressed in the quintessentially English style that is at the heart of our watch collections,” explains company co-founder, Chris Ward.

Mowbray iPad

Each item in the Christopher Ward Mowbray Collection is available in two iconic leather hues, Black and Cognac. The Italian leather is treated in such a way that the skin will age and darken over time, making each piece bespoke to the owner.

The handcrafted range starts at £20 for the key fob, with the £40 card holder also featuring at the entry-level. The excellent iPad cases are available for between £90 and £185 depending on style, with the document case falling between them both at £150.

With the supreme quality and attention to detail that marks their watches out from the competition evident in the Mowbray Collection, Christopher Ward’s expansion into leather goods makes it a must have on for your Christmas list this year.

Mowbray briefcase

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