Great Road: A54 – A537 ‘Cat and Fiddle’, Peak District

Written by our community author Han Veldman.

The A54 – A537 from Buxton to Macclesfield is the “Cat and Fiddle” named after the pub which lays at the summit, and what must be the most famous road around the Peak District.The road sweeps high into the Peak District National Park and is full of twisty bends and amazing views in what is a stunning area. The road can be considered to start in Buxton at the junction of the A53 and A5004 Long Hill road just north of the Buxton Opera House. It follows the A53 through the western outskirts of Buxton until a right turn onto the A54 at Ladmanlow. It then climbs in a series of sharp bends onto the flat moorland of Goyt’s Moss, where it runs as the A537 in a fairly straight line until reaching the Cat and Fiddle Inn at an altitude of 1,690 feet (520 m). From the Cat and Fiddle Inn it descends to Macclesfield via a continuous series of sharp, and often blind, bends.

It can be full of cars, 4×4’s, caravans, police cars, unmarked police cars and bikes.

Running over the heart of the Peak District, this road has been made famous by motorcycle driving enthusiasts because of the many and challenging bends. This is also classed as one of the most dangerous roads in the UK.

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