Buchenegg Pass, Switzerland

Written by our community author António Sérgio Moreira.

This route is aptly named the Buchenegg Pass and the first thing you need to know is it is not very long (it is completed in little over 10 minutes) but it does pack quite a lot of fun into a short distance. It goes over the Albis mountain, so besides the twists and turns, of which it has a lot, it adds elevation change. As with any Swiss road, it is very difficult to find this stretch traffic-free, unless of course you do it at 4am, but I would advise against that.

The road itself consists of two parts, the twisty one through the woods on the eastern side of the Albis (in the direction of Lake Zurich), and the quicker one on the western side. Marking the transition between them you will come across a village – Buchenegg – where you will have to slow down. The twisty part does indeed get quite twisty, the speed limit is 80km/h but I guarantee you will struggle to reach that even in a fast car.

Believe it or not, I discovered this road at 4am while driving to the hospital with my pregnant wife in the passenger’s seat, both of us thinking our baby was on the way. It was a false alarm and our daughter was born only a week later, but that is how I found this road.

LOCATION: Switzerland, Canton Zurich
LATITUDE: 47º 17’ 33.7” N / 8º 31’ 35.8” E (Start of the road on the eastern side)
POINTS of INTEREST: Wildnispark Langenberg – a wildlife park. Viewpoint Albis – a look over Lake Zurich
Hotel Restaurant Banhhof, Neue Dorfstrasse 1, 8135 Langnau am Albis, 044 713 31 31
Weekday mornings, Sundays

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