Behind the scenes on a photoshoot

To photograph the 997 Turbo Cabriolet we shunned the usual Welsh locations, as Wales is full of sheep and Australian cricket players, and headed for the heady heights of Weymouth on England’s south coast. Why? Because we wanted to take the car to a traditional seaside town for an ice cream (for us, not the car). Brighton is too cosmopolitan, Blackpool is too tacky, while Weymouth retains its Georgian splendour, albeit mixed with a diet of chips. It was also a chance to put the car through its paces over the Dorset hills.

Here are some behind the scenes images – courtesy of T911’s design guru, Charles Goddard – of snapper Ali Cusick doing his stuff and wearing silly shorts, and editor Phil Raby wearing a daft hat and buying the ice creams.

And if you think it all looks a lot of fun, bear in mind that this was a short day at 12 hours and it’s rare to be near any form of food – well, apart from the aforementioned sheep – and the best locations are often wet and windy. Then there’s the hurling the car round the same bend, time after time after time, to get that on-the-edge cornering shot. Oh, hang on, that is fun…

Click on the previous blog post for a preview of Ali’s photos, and look out for a full feature coming up soon in Total 911.

Thanks to Alison and Martin Weller of Channel View bed and breakfast, who let us shoot from their upstairs window. If you’re looking for a traditional English holiday go to www.channelviewweymouth.co.uk

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