B743, Strathaven to Muirkirk, Scotland

Written by our community author John Parker.

This is a very lightly used road south of Glasgow that has been recently resurfaced. It contains a number of varied bends with good visibility and some open sections – in the event you do come across some traffic. Some of the right-handers closer to Muirkirk go around a long way as the land rises on your right, meaning the road ahead can’t be seen, so take care as they do tighten up towards the end and may catch you out. The best section is through the forest and begins with a number of left-handers with off camber turns but with predictable surface.
Following this you are gifted by some lovely compressions which pull out to the right but the road ahead is clearly visible allowing for some more direct lines and fast exits. It’s guaranteed that when you reach Muirkirk you’ll be left with squealing brakes and a nicely warmed engine. Upon looking around you’ll wonder where you are and how you get home, so just turn around and enjoy it all again in reverse order.

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