B3046 from Basingstoke to Alresford, UK

Written by our community author Paul Cooper.

This is a cracking driving road that takes around 20 minutes to do and has few vehicles occupying it, as both the M3 to the West and A32 to the East are faster routes for commuters.
The B3046 has an excellent range of sweeping, open bends contrasted by tight, blind bends, with camber and elevational changes contributing to the route’s exciting and challenging persona. It’s an enjoyable but technical piece of road that you can drive time after time trying to improve your line, should conditions permit. I have driven it in a variety of cars over the years including my 1978 SC Targa, Fiat X1/9, (most recently) my 2010 911 C2, MX5 and Jaguar XK Convertible and I can honestly say it is great to drive in everything but my favourite would be a well balanced and lightweight rear-drive sports car with a bit less power, forcing you to push that bit harder. Therefore, I would expect a Boxster or Cayman to be great or a standard 911 Carrera with a manual ‘box.
The road rolls left and right and up and down through the Hampshire fields (on both sides) and through a series of three little villages called the ‘Candovers’ and if you drive from North to South you end up in an old, quaint little Hampshire village called Alresford, which is a lovely place to stop for a coffee and stroll whilst re-living the magic of a route not 30 miles from inner London.

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