Atlantic Road to Stryn, Norway

Written by our community author Jan Ove..

In the wonderful county of Møre og Romsdal we have this amazing, picturesque route that takes you on winding roads next to the seaside and over vast mountains. This road is a great ‘tourist’ road in many ways as it can get quite busy during peak times but the varying corners and elevations throughout the 350 kilometre route means it is also a road of great fun for a petrolhead.

The route actually contains many roads and not only one. I decided to start the route further north in Kristiansund and not in Molde. The route then goes between many cities and places of interest including Molde, Åndalsnes, Geiranger, Stryn and Ålesund.

Elevation is varied, from the fjords at sea level up to 1200 meters above and takes in a string of famous places in west Norway, including the centrepiece for petrolheads, the zig-zagging Atlantic Road.

Which car is best for the route? Well, it’s more for the sportstourer car like the Porsche 911 and perhaps not so much for the Ferrari and Lamborghini brigade.

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