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Brand Reach

Total911 is a truly multimedia brand available worldwide in printed, online and digital forms, including iPad, Android tablets, desktop PCs, and an active number of social networking channels, including Facebook and Twitter. It also has a large number of registered website users and subscribers to its regular email newsletter.

Total 911 total print and digital reach


Total 911 brand values

Total 911 cuts straight to the chase, and concentrates on the only Porsche that really matters – the 911. This means it can drill deep into the model’s heritage, going in-depth on all Porsche 911s, from the beautiful classics of the Sixties, right through to today’s high-tech supercars. The passion for the 911 oozes out of the brand, with beautiful photography and articles created by renowned Porsche experts.

Brand values

  • 100% dedicated to the Porsche 911
  • High quality automotive photography
  • Written by world-renowned Porsche experts
  • Dedicated to all 911s: modern and classic

Total 911 advertising opportunities

There are numerous ways to work with the Total 911 brand. We would recommend a number or all of the following options for maximum exposure:

  • Website takeovers and premium sponsored positions
  • Sponsorship of the Total 911 email newsletter
  • Display page advertising in the print and digital editions
  • Bookazine sponsorship
  • Creative options within the printed edition, including gatefolds, special cover processes, reverse cover positions and gift sponsorship

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Total 911 audience profile

Total 911's key audience profile is 80% male, 20% female, aged 35-55 years, affluent Its key target groups are:

911 newcomers
Total 911’s remit extends beyond the enthusiast and embraces newcomers to the marque, guiding them gently through the 911’s long and illustrious history.

Porsche 911 owners
Total 911 is the essential guide for 911 owners the world over. Sophisticated and demanding, Total 911 informs and excites in equal measure, giving owners the confidence to enjoy their Porsche without restraint.

Porsche enthusiasts
Total 911 is enjoyed by people who love the 911 in all its forms. They welcome the in-depth coverage, pore over the photography and indulge in the high-octane beauty of their favourite car.