A4074, Reading to Oxford

Written by our community author Sam Du Verne.

This superb cross-country route is otherwise known among my friends and I as ‘Reading to Oxford, the enjoyable way’ because the typical route many choose to travel on is the good old fashioned M4, A34. Why?

When roads like this are on offer, it doesn’t matter what you drive, although for this I prefer to have something 4WD, something precise yet agile, something quick to respond to the delicate balance of my right heel. The newest 911 Turbo for one would do nicely here.

As you leave the quaint town of Caversham from the north and venture out through the mixture of established properties and new build apartments on the A4074, the 30mph speed limit gives you some idea of what a dog feels like a on a lead as it walks past fresh meadows and open fields. You’ll find yourself aching to press on and enjoy the smooth asphalt. As the road turns and rids itself of houses, it opens up into an oil painting of tarmac and rolling countryside.

As the road continues to snake northwards towards Oxford, you experience a tunnel of tight winding roads lined with trees. Eventually it opens out into long sweeping roads with awesome perspective, allowing you to see very far ahead, and plan well executed overtaking manoeuvres should any traffic hinder your propulsion forwards.

The road is very consistent for the next 20 miles or so, and around 45 minutes after you leave Reading, you’ll arrive in Oxford, where you can choose a well deserved refreshment and reward yourself with the many estate-chic bars and pubs dotted all around.

What’s more, you don’t have to choose a particular time of day to get the best from the road: commuters between Reading and Oxford take that monotonous M4, A34 route, remember!

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