A day of Porsches, Lamborghinis, breakdowns and doughnuts

The day before, photographer Ali Cusick and I travelled up to Preston in a Powerkitted 997 Carrera S to meet with Alex Livesey, whose brother Paul had built him a rather special 964. We stayed with Alex and his family and the next morning Alex opened his garage door to reveal not only the 964 but also a banana yellow Lamborghini Diablo, which was ridiculously wide and low. It was also ridiculously loud, as I found out on starting the engine. It seems Paul had sneakily removed the cats from the 660bhp V12 engine. Fantastic!

However, today was about the 964, which develops a paltry 550bhp. Ali had earmarked a location in Lake District, which Alex and Paul were familiar with, so off we went. Ali set the sat-nav and I glanced down: “99 miles? I thought it was just down the road!” Oh well, it was off up the M6.

Eventually, we reached the spot and it was truly stunning, as the photo here shows (it also shows the engine is rather special, too).

Ali was jumping around like a kid in a sweetshop, muttering about light, sky and exposures, and all was rosy. Then he asked Alex to move the car around for the next shot. It wouldn’t start. Oh.

Paul, who knows the car inside out, poked around, scratched his head, swore, and said the fuel pump wasn’t working. Did we have any tools? The 997 revealed a plastic box with a screwdriver and a spanner in, so that was a start. We jacked up the car with the 964’s flimsy scissor jack and shoved a couple of Lake District boulders under for good measure. “There’s no power to the pump. It’s the f’ing immobiliser. I told you we should have trashed that,” he muttered to Alex.

With no tools, it seemed the only solution was to call the AA. But there was no phone signal in this remote valley. So Alex and I jumped in the 997 and drove up to a slate quarry, where we used their landline (how quaint). The breakdown guy said he’d be there within the hour, so we returned to the others, to be greeted by the roar of the 964. It was running!

A couple in a Discovery very kindly pulled over and offered the use of some tools and a length of wire, which Paul used to run power to the pump. Thanks guys!

And no thanks to the old bloke in (an admittedly lovely) Triumph GT6 who, instead of offering to help, drove past with his thumb up and a smug grin.

Car running and photos taken, all that remained was to get some action shots. As you can see from the video, the 964 didn’t disappoint. As to how you get 550bhp out of 964, you’ll have to wait to read about the car in Total 911.

Thanks also to Alex and Paul for their help with the feature.


Lambo video courtesy of Ali Cusick.

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  • alex livesey

    Great day,and great company. Thanks to Phil and Alisdair who are top blokes. (Oh also thanks to my brother for all the hard work on the car..Im know Im a lucky guy!)
    Even though I know the whole story I cant wait to read about it. I whimped out of doing the sideways slides & doughnuts and left that to my more capabale (and shorter brother).

  • Porschephile

    “As to how you get 550 bhp out of a 964…”

    From the look of the pics, with a turbocharger the size of my head!

  • Howard

    The yellow lambo is definitely a mean looking beast, however I’d take the cobalt 964 any day, that colour against the green hillside is mind-blowing (not sure I could be trusted with 550bhp though… 😛 )

    PS. The British police aren’t petty enough to take down your lic. # and do anything mean are they?

  • Great story Phil, and what a machine that 964 is. Great photo with the hils and storm clouds looming.

  • Russ

    I used to run a discovery (pile of rubbish) well two actually (both piles of rubbish) but the upside of always breaking down is you carry a lot of kit so can help out people with frankly lovely 964’s !!!

  • slick

    Hi guys, was glad to help n what a car !!, n Russ my disco has never broke down whilst iv had it(fingers crossed) n id race any 964,….. to the top of that hill & back ! lol

  • alex

    Dani / Russ many thanks for your help on the photo shoot, it was very much appreciated. Hope all is well with both of you.

    Kindest Regards,

    Alex & Paul