997 Targa 4S

Here are some images of a mad metallic orange Targa 4S I’m driving. They were photographed on my iPhone and processed with Mill Colour, which actually makes the car look better than it really is!
Interesting that this PDK car doesn’t have Sport Chrono and, as a result, is relatively dull to drive, as there’s not the option of Sport and Sport Plus modes which hold low gears. Economical, though; 26mpg in traffic, compared with 18mpg for the manual S I had last week.

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  • Thought this was so funny, 1 because I know the disco story behind this car and 2 that you said a 911 was dull to drive, you should try my Citroen C3 ! lol Good pics to say that’s using an iPhone

  • Andrew

    Its an automatic! Any 911 with an autmatic is “dull to drive.” I have a 4S Targa with a stick (without the chrono) and I’m sure it is a great deal more exciting than this.

  • I don’t agree. PDK in Sport Plus mode is a lot of fun, even in auto mode.