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  • chris bettinson

    That wing may be necessary, but its out of order. Spoils the lines and looks kit carish.

  • Andrew

    I’d have to agree with Chris. The wing completely ruins the lines of the car, same goes for the 911 turbo models. Thats why I prefer the standard issue 997 coupe, targa etc.

  • Tan.k

    Sorry guys but have to disagree. The wing adds to the whole experience of the car. It has become the essence of the RS cars. Your heart beats that little bit faster just looking at it sitting there – even before you touch it.
    Tell me you don’t want to drive this thing? The shape of the 911 is now hard-wired into all of us and I love it. If you want fancy design lines, look at the Audi R8 (which I also love, apart from the “sideburns”).

  • kiksy

    Im on the side of ‘its ugly’. They could of at least made it the same colour as the car. It just looks a bit plonked on as an afterthought.

  • Tan.k

    Sorry to send you off to GTPorsche briefly but take a look at the image they have using this link of the rear of the car…..awesome. It’s now my PC wallpaper…..sad sad sad.