930, 964 & 993 Turbo’s in Total 911 now

In a year when Porsche is bracing to deliver the new 991 Turbo, Total 911 climbs behind the wheel of the very first forced induction models to chart the progression that paved the way for the marque’s now immovable status as a true driving great.

The 930 lit up the automotive stage when first deliveries of the car were taken in 1975, with enthusiasts the world over mesmurised by the rocket-like performance of the single turbocharger. Many were caught out by the lag of the 930, but those that did manage to stay on the road became style icons for Porsche thanks to the whaletail, wide arches and Fuchs wheels now synonymous with early turbo 911s.

In 964 iterations of the Turbo model, Porsche would reduce lag and increase engine size, and by the time of the 993, introduce four-wheel-drive and twin turbos before the much documented switch to water-cooled units by the end of the 20th century. What the first Turbo variants left was an unmistakeable reputation as a real drivers car, and good examples of each remain a darling to the 911 enthusiast today. But are the air-cooled Turbo models still viable drives on today’s roads?

To find out, you can read the report from the Total 911 test drive in the Winelands region of South Africa on page 24 of Total 911 issue 97. To get your copy wherever you are in the world, visit the Imagine Shop at www.imagineshop.co.uk/magazines/total911.html, or download a digital edition for all platforms via the fabulous new GreatDigitalMags.com website.

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