850bhp 997 GT2

9ff-bt-2_-15OK, we have to admit, this latest offering from 9ff first got our attention because of its gorgeous Gulf colour scheme. We want a 997 GT2 like this!

Beyond its looks, with 850bhp on tap, the BT-2 (bi-turbo 2) can, depending on gearing, reach a top speed of as much as 240mph. And 0-62mph takes a mere 3.0 seconds.

The car boasts lightweight carbonfibre bodywork and revised aerodynamics. The latter includes a new front lip spoiler that is said to create an additional 70kg of downforce at 155mph, and the rear wing gives an extra 90kg of downforce.

Despite the amazing power, 9ff insists that its new creation can be used on a daily basis. At around £240,000, though, that’s an expensive commuting car!

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