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  • Torgut

    When following behind a 911 Turbo, I like the way the tear-drop wing mirrors appear to sit neatly above the rear (fat) arches.

  • Ale

    The way in which eyes are captured by the central rev counter…

  • Torgut

    The central rev counter – as copied by Subaru may I add.

  • Torgut

    The awesome GT3 bucket seats.

  • Torgut

    The option a buyer has to specify to have a lighter battery and headlamps….only Porsche.

  • Torgut
  • Torgut

    I like original cars. The exception is the TechArt bodykit…….wow!

  • Torgut
  • Torgut

    The car I drew for my GCSE Art exam way back in 1988 and got an A grade for.
    Impact bumper models not favorable now but back then they were everything to me.

  • nils

    it’s not only about the 911s – itÄ’s about all porsches: the fact, that the ignition lock is on the other side is always reminding me that i’m sitting in a special car…

  • Has to be Launch Control

  • What I like about the 911’s that they have not change there identity (looks) much a long the years, and to prove that is no matter what year make of the 911’s you see in the street you still get the same feeling of pleasure and likeness so when you buy one you sure know that the next coming 911 would still look the same no matter how hard Porsche tried to change it.

  • Torgut

    The ‘melted’ rear wing of a 993 Turbo.

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  • freddo

    old 911 are like Marilyn Monroe, when you see one in picture it is timeless and you just can’t stop dreaming about it, all the curves at the right places. art.

  • JuQuin

    As you approach the car from the front and side and focus your eye on its rear hunches it takes on the shape of a very strong athlete ready to do a 100 meter sprint. Its is a cliche but there is nothing sexier out there than the curves of a 911 4S. So curvaceous… like Jennifer Lopez.

  • Dailydriver

    I don’t know when it was first incorportaed, but on the 996 (and above I asume) tiptronic a doubletap of the accelerator will automatically drop you into the lowest usable gear which ammounts to INSANE pull and acceleration. Reminds you the power that you are harnessing everytime you do it!

  • zaharul

    911 has mantaianed its identity as an instantly recognisable sports car of glamorous reliability and prestige. You feel safe in it like a trusted daily car but with the added touch of glow whenever you drive it around town or on the highways. The epitome of luxury and dashing youthfulness!

  • No matter how many Porsches I drive / photograph / write about, they all have one thing in common – the noise. Somehow, a new GT3 can have the same DNA in it’s exhaust note as a 1979 Group 4 911 rally car.

  • Jan

    The smell. When I get into my 1990 964 – it still smells the same as the day it left the factory.

  • mausone46

    The look from behind, when they pass me on the Autobahn in a very fast way!
    Especially a Aircooled Turbo

  • assaf

    the raspy sound a 964 makes without having to rev or accelerate hard

  • assaf

    the sound of the fuel pump priming the engine at half egnition

  • The 964, modern amenities such as ABS while retaining its pure classic shape

  • the moment the turbo opens up in a turbo 3.6

  • Pat Kleibor

    I love the way little kids turn their heads, smile, and give you the thumbs up as you drive by!!

  • I love the way my 911 forces me to turn and look at it after I have parked somewhere. The shape seems to whisper “turn around, just one more look….” and I can never resist.

  • Anguskiwi

    I agree about the smell, very full bodied like a good wine, however one thing I find amazing about the 1993 964 911 as I suspect with all 911’s is the size of the windscreen- the size makes me feel like a bubble boy and helps with my eye dilation when approaching a fast corner! Great fun car!

  • Ron Sable, Tucson AZ, USA

    Like the Mona Lisa and Rodins ” The Thinker” the 911 shape is timeless. In my case, my 88 911 Turbo” 1RDRKT” has the added appeal of the sounds of a symphony from the Borla four pipe exhaust. I turned on the radio at delivery and have never needed it again. I simply listen to that beautiful music coming from those stainless steel pipes.

  • Helen Goff

    i like 911s because they are about the only true sports car that has space for luggage. so can be used for every occasion. from the everyday comute, romantic break, to a full blown trackday…..all on the same day if need be.

  • I drive a 1973 911 Targa. Full suspension set-up for light track and crisp street performance. She has a Euro-spec 3.0 with SS exhaust and Monty muffler (loud pipes save lives!!!!).

    The car weights roughly 2200#. I love the light weight/power to weight ratio. Just think where you want to go or end up and drive the car…it goes exactly where you point it…not happy with your line…just lift off the throttle and change the angle of attack…brakes??? well, if you must SC brakes stop you so fast it takes your breath away.

    My CD player quit working because it never got used!!!

    I also have a 92 964 cab. but that’s another love affair.

  • cocodave

    I love Porsche 911 because I own a 77 targa
    my favorite toy
    fun to drive and even funner to work on

  • Jan

    When you park it after a long hard drive, and you hear that tick-tick sound that comes from the engine as you walk away…

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  • David

    The smell after a hard run, the tick-tick as it cools. The sound of the doors closing. The classic shape…timeless. The Fuchs wheels. The raspy sound as you pile on the revs and of course that fan noise.

    My ’89 3.2 is all of these and more.

  • Tarek Salah Tarek307

    The feeling i get when i sit in that cockpit…the urge to drive…the shifting…that recognizable silhouette of the car since the 1960s…

    ps:I agree with the poster who said “the way it makes him turn around and look at after he walked away from it”

  • C D Smith

    The sound of the engine as you start the car and walking across the parking lot returning to the car and looking at my 2010 997 and knowing it is mine. As the advertisement says Porsche, Magic Everyday.

  • Andrew

    The shape of the thing, the sound of the thing (air cooled engines) simply one of the most gorgeous, ageless designs on the road today. No other car looks like it, the way the rear arches flare out as if to suggest here’s where the power lies. Not unlike the figure of a voluptuous woman.

  • Howard

    My carrera red full leather interior…

  • Mark Collins

    C2 996 cabrio manual. I love my 911! From the moment I pull the door handle and the window drops quarter of an inch. I then slide into the leather clad cabin shutting the door with a solid clunk. I imediatly feel that I now only have one purpose, one thing to focus on. Nothing eles really seems to have any importance and I am free to concentrate on the task at hand, driving this machine.

    I love the simplicity of my dash and gauges. Minimal frills and fluff, just functional engineering and design. Everything where it should be, this car is for driving and nothing ele’s. I take a deep breath in and the smell of leather and machine only add to sharpen my focus. even after owning my car for some time I still get a tickle of excitement as I reach for the key and start the engine. The car comes to life and there it is, my chesire cat grin.

    Taking her up slowly through the gears and keeping the revs low while she warms up. avoiding the temptation to throttle her immediately. After all driving this is always an experience, like a performance you need to build slowly before the grand finale.

    But here we are now in the green zone, temp gauge sat on 80, oil pressure good full tank of high octane fuel and two empty lanes of dual carriageway ahead. There it is again the big grin.

    4th to 3rd and we are sat on 3500 rpm, the rocket is lit. Then I let her rip and the noise as she quickly climbs through the rpm, I have yet to find a tune i would rather be listening to over the rawness of that engine. Into fourth to the sound of that flat 6thundering down it,s power onto the tarmac as the rear digs itself in. Quick check of the spedo and maybe time to back off. Nah!!!! I want some more grin factor lol. The car seems to want to rise up through the revs and almost begs me to change gear to do it again. I know it’s stupid but I feel like the car enjoys it almost as much as me.

    It’s hard for me to pinpoint one thing that I love about my 911, as with my wife. They both have so many wonderful traits to single out one would do an injustice to the other. But if I had to summarise why I love my car for me it’s the rawness, I don’t feel I’m in a bubble like some cars I’ve owned. I’m not sat in the stalls watching the show, I’m front and center directly involved in proceedings, with all the sounds smells and sensations. I love the rawness 🙂